Signatures for HOPE: Open Letter to NC Legislators

Dear Friend of Public Employees,

We are Hear Our Public Employees, a coalition of employee associations, unions, and allies seeking to repeal the law that prohibits collective bargaining between North Carolina’s public employers and employees.  Among the many supporting organizations of HOPE are the North Carolina NAACP, the North Carolina Council of Churches and the NC Justice Center.

In our open letter to North Carolina legislators we urge them to support voluntary collective bargaining between government entities and public employees.  Collective bargaining is a process in which both parties bring up issues of concern in the workplace.  Representatives of government bodies and representatives of employees come together to negotiate solutions, including improving the delivery of public services.

Collective Bargaining for public employees will decrease turnover, which improves service and lowers retraining and reemployment costs.  It also provides a working forum for government employers and employees to directly address issues of race and sex discrimination.  We believe the right to collective bargaining is an issue of fairness for public employees.  It is an internationally recognized human right and will increase the morale and efficiency of all public workers.

Our letter will be signed by individual and organizational supporters to show broad-based support.  If you agree with our message, please sign on by filling out the endorsement slip below and returning it to HOPE.  By doing so you will be aiding those who provide North Carolina’s public services while at the same time improving the quality of life for all North Carolinians.

P.O. Box 12133, Raleigh, NC 27605 | TEL (919) 491-6936 | FAX (919) 828-2102 |

Yours Truly,
HOPE Coalition

Add your signature
Yes, I support collective bargaining for North Carolina’s public employees, and I agree to be a signer on the open letter to North Carolina legislators.

HOPE Core Members:

  • NC State AFL-CIO
  • American Association of University Professors of North Carolina
  • American Federation of Teachers of North Carolina
  • International Union of Police Associations
  • National Association of Social Workers of North Carolina
  • North Carolina Association of Educators
  • Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina
  • Service Employees International Union
  • State Employees Association of North Carolina, SEIU Local 2008
  • Teamsters Local 391
  • UE 150 - North Carolina Public Service Workers Union

You can also download the sign-on page to print out hard copies for distribution offline.


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