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The Literacy Pirates
Registration Form 2023/24 - Virtual Sessions
Please note, this registration form is for Virtual Sessions only.

Your Child's Details

Please provide 3 contacts for your child, in the order we should call if we need to contact you.

                                                                     Contact 1

                                                                      Contact 2                                                             

                                                                      Contact 3  

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We collect the following information to ensure that we meet your child’s needs on the programme.

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We collect the following information to measure the success of our programme against national statistics, to monitor diversity, and to ensure that we are doing our best for all children. The information is confidential and these questions are optional.

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Consent and Agreement

Learning Sessions

  • I give permission for my child to attend The Literacy Pirates After-School Sessions and consent to my child working with Literacy Pirates staff and volunteers.   
  • I acknowledge that my child needs to attend the weekly sessions they sign up to, and that I must give at least 3 hours’ notice of cancellation if they are unable to attend.  
  • I support good behaviour in sessions and will discuss any issues with Literacy Pirates staff. 


  • I give non-exclusive licence for The Literacy Pirates to use the contributions of my child (which my child owns the rights to) towards their charitable aims, granting consent required by law for their use both now and in the future
  • waive and agree not to assert, any so-called “moral rights” or other non-transferable rights that I may have in relation to the contribution as my child will be given suitable author credit. 


  • I agree to contribute to The Literacy Pirates Monitoring and Evaluation strategy by completing termly questionnaires about my child’s progress 


  • I agree to The Literacy Pirates privacy policy, which is available at 
  • I understand they will never sell my information or the information of my child. 
  • I understand that they collect information to support my child on the programme and that information that will help support my child is shared between school and The Literacy Pirates.  

Photo Consent
As part of the learning programme, your child will receive opportunities to contribute to products, published by The Literacy Pirates, including books and films. This is an exciting part of the programme for Young Pirates as it consolidates their learning and provides them with a product to keep as evidence of their achievements. These products will only be shared at closed events for the children, their families, their teachers and our funders, with your consent.

As a charity, we need to market our work in order to raise funds; recruit staff and volunteers; and form new partnerships with schools. This sometimes requires us to take photographs and videos our sessions to share in publicity material, where we have your consent.

If you have any special requirements regarding photo consent for your child, please get in touch. We will record them and ensure they are met. You can reach us at 07912 178037.

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We collect the following information to track how well children do on the programme. The information is confidential.
Section 1: Grit
"Grit" is high motivation, care for work, and being able to keep going. Please rate your child's "grit" on a scale of 0 to 100 (where 0 is the lowest and 100 the highest)

Section 2: Reading

Thank you for completing this form!
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