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The programme is open to DfE registered schools, and nationally recognised youth or community groups. If you are neither of these and still wish to participate, please email to discuss options.

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To register a new team or additional returning teams for 2023-24, click 'register another team' at the bottom of this section.

Cross-year group teams enhance peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities, particularly in support of year 7 students.

Max 15. We recommend 8 to 12 as the optimum.

For maximum impact we recommend at least 1.5 hours from September until March.

If multiple, select the most frequent.

Mentors bring technical expertise and knowledge of the workplace and STEM careers. They would ideally engage with the team weekly in person or remotely. Teams can have more than one mentor.

Experienced teams can share their knowledge to support novice teams and foster peer to peer collaboration.

Thanks to tech - buddying can be local, national or international!

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FIRST Tech Challenge UK will kick-off in September. Regional events will take place after February half-term. Help us make these events accessible to you by answering a couple of quick questions.


Scrimmages are half-day practice events, where teams get to test their robots on the game field and network with other local teams - they are hosted at your nearest Champion Organisation.

Regional tournaments

1 day regional tournaments will take place between 26 Feb 2024 and 25 Mar 2024. You will automatically be assigned to your nearest regional but we cannot advise the venue until team numbers and locations are finalised in August 2023.

We endeavour to make our events as accessible as possible, these locations are based on existing team locations. If the locations listed are not nearby and enough teams register in your area, we may introduce an event closer to you.

UK Championship event

If successful at your regional tournament your team may progress to the UK Championships. This event would most likely fall the week commencing 26 June 2024, after GCSE exams. The location will be a major UK city - e.g London, Birmingham, Manchester.

Financial Support

We're on a mission to make STEM accessible to all. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have a number of robotic kit bursaries for eligible teams. Bursaries are only available to non-fee paying institutions. For more information on eligibility criteria and conditions, please refer to our financial support page.

See Eligibility Criteria, Terms and Conditions.

In addition to making STEM more accessible – by supporting organisations which serve disadvantaged or underrepresented communities, we are also keen to drive a broader inclusion and diversity agenda in line with our targeting criteria and EDI pledge. Please share how delivery of FIRST Tech Challenge in your organisation may be targeted at cohorts less represented in STEM. Limit 500 words.


The commitment fee per of £299+VAT provides a team of up to 15 students with access to curriculum mapped content, online resources, game elements for the new season's challenge, free entry to local practices, a regional tournament and the UK Championship (if applicable).

Additional teams are charged at £99+VAT.

Robotics kits for teams not in receipt of a bursary are chargeable at £999+VAT

Plus VAT. This field calculates the total commitment fees for all teams for the 2022-23 season.

Plus VAT. This applies to teams that are purchasing a new kit, and does not include the commitment fee. Kits are reusable year on year.

Plus VAT.

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