BSV Returning Volunteers, 2022-23

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Welcome back to BSV! This form is for BSV volunteers interested in returning for the 2022-2023 school year. BUSD parent volunteers are welcome to volunteer in their own child’s classroom through BSV, but parent enrollment in BSV is no longer required by the district. Joining BSV gives you access to a community of like-minded volunteers, a yearlong suite of a volunteer trainings, and an official name badge.

(Grandparents and other extended family - as required by the California Education Code, you'll still need to fully register with Berkeley Schools Volunteers in order to volunteer in a district classroom, even if in the classroom of your relative.)

Please see our current COVID Safety Protocols:

  • In alignment with BUSD and City of Berkeley COVID current guidelines for students and staff, BSV strongly encourages volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but does not mandate vaccination
  • BSV will continue to follow current BUSD policies with regards to indoor and outdoor mask-wearing and will readily provide updated information to volunteers as needed.   
  • All BSV volunteers must sign a waiver assuming the health risk of volunteering in-person
  • See BSV Full Safety Protocols in detail HERE

If you are not interested in volunteering this year, please email me directly  ( and I will remove you from our listservs.

Thank you as always for your flexibility and dedication to supporting students! We are so excited to have you back in Berkeley schools!

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Personal Information

Name you'd prefer on your 2022-23 BSV Name Badge*, if different than above:

Berkeley Schools Volunteers recognizes that name and gender identity are central to most individuals' sense of self and well-being, and that it is important for us to establish systems that acknowledge and support individuals' self-identification.

Please verify or update the contact information (if necessary) that we have on file for you.

Please include your apartment number and/or building name, if applicable.

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2022-23 BSV Placement 

New Placement Preferences

Volunteering Schedule: Most instruction in BUSD occurs between the hours of 8am-3:30 pm. While they exist, late afternoons options are extremely limited.

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BSV Volunteer Contract

BSV Volunteer Contract, 2022-23

Section I: Qualifications & Screening

To be authorized to volunteer in BUSD, you must:

    • Be cleared to serve, including clearing an FBI/DOJ Live Scan background check/fingerprinting. Note: Parents volunteering in their child's classroom are exempt from the fingerprinting requirements
    • Provide proof of medical vaccinations (for specific placements only, as required by the California Education Code) 
    • Be able to commit to at least 1 hour of volunteering weekly for the entire school year (unless otherwise arranged with BSV staff)

Section II: Code of Conduct

Volunteers should:

    • Identify themselves to BUSD students and families as a Berkeley Schools Volunteer.
    • Respect the diversity of Berkeley’s students and staff, including one’s race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical condition/disability status, religious beliefs, political afflictions, veteran or marital status.
    • Respect the school dress code, including but not limited to no clothing with logos depicting drugs, tobacco, alcohol, anything sexually suggestive, or anything involving a racial/ethnic slur.
    • Volunteer only under the supervision of their assigned BUSD Host Teacher.
    • Be punctual and consistent for all volunteer commitments.
    • Discuss any planned absences in advance with their Host Teacher.
    • Immediately refer discipline issues to their Host Teacher.
    • Regard any information learned as a volunteer as confidential and share only with school staff as appropriate.
    • Confidentially pass on knowledge or suspicion of child abuse and/or any challenges or concerns for students’ success or welfare to their Host Teacher, or designated staff.
    • Let BSV know immediately if they are unable to continue with their volunteer commitment, or if they change Host Teachers/placements.
    • Complete BSV’s annual spring volunteer survey to give BSV feedback on the program.
    • Update their contact information annually with BSV, as well as notify BSV of their intent to return for the following year.
    • Wear their current year BSV Name Badge at all times on BUSD campuses.

Volunteers should not:

    • Engage in any political or religious instruction, activities, or conduct
    • Engage in non-BUSD supervised contact with students, including texting, phoning, emailing, social media connecting, or meeting off-campus.
    • Photograph or post pictures/video of students without written parent and school staff permission.
    • Make any suggestive or inappropriate comments, or jokes.
    • Volunteer while ill, or with knowledge of positive testing for contagious diseases (i.e. COVID-19 or Tuberculosis, etc.).
    • Be under the influence of (or smell like) alcohol, marijuana, or illegal substances.
    • Use electronic devices (including cell phones and music players) while working with students.
    • Remove students from the direct supervision of the BUSD Host Teacher or from the school campus.
    • Physically discipline students or use hands to redirect a student.
    • Transport students in a vehicle (unless BUSD approved and supervised, as on a school field trip).
    • Remain in contact with students outside of the school context, either in-person or digitally. (Your volunteer work is sanctioned by BSV and the California Education Code only when you are under the direct supervision of a certificated teacher.)

Section III: COVID-19 Assumption of Risk Agreement

By checking below, I assume the risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by participating in the Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV) program and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and/or death. In addition, I assume responsibility for adhering to all COVID-19 prevention measures required by BSV or Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), and compliance with applicable federal, state or local health orders such as the use of personal protective equipment, social distancing, and general hygiene protocols. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to make an informed participation decision, that BSV and BUSD do not control every aspect of my volunteer interactions, and that BSV and BUSD give no assurances or warranties whatsoever as to my safety if I choose to participate in this program.

Section IV: BSV Policies

I understand and agree…

    • I am not an employee of the BSV or BUSD, and I volunteer my services in an “at will” capacity.
    • BUSD has the right to revoke my volunteer privileges at any time without prior notification or warning, in conformity with its liability and safety policies.
    • Any breach of the above commitments may result in my dismissal from any and all BUSD schools.

I meet the listed qualifications, understand the above expectations and restrictions, and will contact BSV if anything changes with my volunteer placement, my health in relation to communicable diseases, or my legal status related to felony convictions. I accept the appointment of School Volunteer in a BUSD school for the 2022-23 school year.

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Last Step! School Support Volunteering

Berkeley Schools Volunteers operates both a Classroom Volunteer program (that you are currently applying for) as well as a School Support Volunteer program that supports district-wide needs outside of the classroom.  

Are you interested in joining BSV's School Support Volunteer list to learn about one-time volunteer events and other projects that support the students, families & staff of BUSD outside of the classroom? 

Once you submit this application, you will have a chance to sign up to be a School Support Volunteer - see the link on the confirmation page.

Thank you for stepping up to support our students! 

Here's what happens next: 
  • BSV will reach out after we get our Teacher Volunteer Request forms back from host staff. 
  • When we know for sure you have a match, we’ll make you and your Host Teacher official (via email) once again. For those of you who have been with their teachers for years, this will be quick and easy!
  • Once officially matched and you've received your name badge in the mail, you're free to join your class!
And as always, please reach out with any questions: Jissel Poblete,