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1st Property Information
2nd Property Information
Pricing Information
Sertifi will convert the USD Annual Fee to the preferred currency selected on the day contract is signed by Above Property, using the Bloomberg Generic Composite published end of day rate ( currencies). Annual renewal invoices and additional contracted services will be converted using the current Bloomberg end of day rate at time of billing date.

The Annual Fee inclusive of all Users correlates with the size of the Property. Select the appropriate property meeting space in square meters/footage (based on what is published on the hotel’s website).

pricing chart

Language Information
The Sertifi sending portal is in English; however, you may select one of the languages below to be the default for your guest emails and signing interface


Identify two (2) Super Admins to manage the team’s user access (Suggested roles: Director of Sales, Sales Leader, Lead Catcher).

Super Admin #1 Information
Super Admin #2 Information
Authorized Contract Signatory
Next Steps
  1. The contract signatory (identified above) will receive the contract via email approximately 3-5 business days after Intake Form submission.

  2. Upon completion of all signatures on the contract, Sertifi will confirm portal setup and access via a "Welcome Email" to the signatory and Super Admins (identified above) within 3-5 days.

  3. Upon Welcome Letter Receipt, review the Sertifi eSignature page on MGS to complete the tool's checklist.

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