Mentor Details

We'd recommend using a personal email address as your employer's filters could prevent our emails getting through.

We'd like to know who you're representing – eg. name of your company or organisation. If you don't work for anyone (lucky you!), simply leave blank.

We would only share this if applicable and requested.

We're going virtual for 2020, but in-person mentoring may come back in the future. What's the best postcode for where you want to mentor – it could be closer to home or work.

For safeguarding purposes, we won't be able to connect you with a team until you have this. If you don't have one yet, don't worry! We'll include details about how to obtain a free DBS check in your welcome email.

Team Details

Select the school or group you're mentoring for 2020-21.

Teams typically meet once a week. Knowing which days you're available will help us pair you with teams that meet on those days.

Not every team will require constant support, but ideally all mentors would commit at least 30 mins per week.

Tick all that apply.

Tick all that apply.

If no, you will need to find a team to mentor independently.