Best to give us your personal email - work servers don't tend to like our epic emails. Don't worry, we won't spam you.

Don't worry, we'll only use this on the day in the unlikely event that we are trying to locate you or update you with relevant last minute changes. Emergency use only, promise.

We want to get a sense for how far you're traveling to an event.

We'd like to know who you're representing – eg. name of your company, school or organisation. If you don't work for anyone (lucky you!), simply leave blank.

It's helpful to know what your day job is, so we know what hidden talents and skills you might have.

We would only share if it's applicable or requested.

Our regionals take place all over the UK – they are single day events that typically run from 8am-5pm.

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Your travel will be reimbursed and food is provided!

Takes place on 27-28 March 2020, at the Copper Box in London's Olympic Park. Again, we've got your travel, meals and accommodation (if required) covered! Isn't that nice?

Ideally, volunteers would help us out both days so the event runs even smoother. Don't forget, there's free food!

This will help us place our volunteers in roles that suit their skillsets.

A-Teamers will come the night before event day to learn the ropes in situ, and get to know HQ over dinner. Travel, meals and accommodation (if needed) are on us.

Some volunteer roles could create a conflict of interest, so we just want to make sure.

We want our volunteers to look snazzy! (Unisex t-shirt sizes)

Just so you know, some roles could require long periods of sitting or standing.

Emergency contact