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Thank you for celebrating Constitution Day on September 17th  with Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. 233 years ago, the Founding Fathers signed this most influential document in American history. It established the framework of our government and the rights and freedoms that “We the People” enjoy today.


And what better time than today, in this period of uncertainty and confusion, to rededicate ourselves to the defense of our constitutional order?


Your gift will help sustain the nation’s only and oldest organization dedicated to running high-quality residential programs that spread the notion of civic responsibility and our nation’s great heritage to America’s next generation of leaders. 


As a supporter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, you know just how important it is to spread the teachings of our nation’s heritage. And in an age in which civility is declining and rancor is on the rise, our country is in desperate need of Freedoms Foundation’s core principles.


The lessons taught and learned at our programs—whether in person or virtually—are the foundations of a healthy, productive, and respectful society and political culture. 

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