LA Pride Media Credential Application

Thank you for your interest in covering LA Pride 2019. Below, please find the media credential application form. Applications DO NOT guarantee access to any event.

This application closes on May 22. Applicants may be confirmed or denied pending review and will hear back between May 25-May 31.

If you have any questions regarding media credentials, please email
Before we get started with your Media Credential Request, we need to get some information about you and the Media Outlet you are with.
Your Contact Information
Please enter your contact information here.  If you are completing this application on behalf of someone else you will be able to enter their contact information on the next page.
Media Outlet Information

On this page you will be providing the details of your Media Credential Request.  Each request is for one event. If you would like to request media credentials for more than one event, you can do so by clicking the ADD ANOTHER MEDIA CREDENTIAL REQUEST FOR ANOTHER EVENT link at the bottom of this page. 

Media Credential Request Details
Attendee Contact Information
Please enter the contact details of each requested attendee that need credentials (including yourself).  PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS for more than one person. NOTE: If you are requesting media credentials for yourself, you will need to enter your information again.  To add multiple attendees to this request, click the ADD AND ADDITIONAL ATTENDEE TO THIS REQUEST link below.
Please provide the Editor's contact information.
When you press submit, you will be asked to review this form submission for accuracy before finally submitting it to LA Pride.  Once you have reviewed your application, you will have to click confirm to transmit the application to us.