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Crash Details

This information helps us identify dangerous locations. If possible, please enter a mappable address or intersection here.

Describe your experience in as much detail as you can. 

Some details to include if possible:

  • What vehicles were involved? 
  • Did you have any injuries? 
  • Were there witnesses? 
  • What were the weather and lighting conditions? 

Check any of the situations below that describe your experience:
A driver makes a right turn from adjacent lane across the path of cyclist who is traveling straight
A driver makes a left turn across the path of a bicyclist who is traveling straight.
A driver or passenger opens a vehicle door into the path of a bicyclist.
A driver strikes a bicyclist from behind or sideswipes the bicyclist while passing
A driver strikes a bicyclist while making a u-turn.
A driver intentionally distracts, intimates, harasses or assaults a bicyclist.

A for-hire vehicle is a taxicab, Uber, Lyft, Via, limousine, charter bus, or similar.

Police Response

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