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Welcome to our online application! Please proceed below and make sure to read each step carefully. 
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Please be as specific as possible. The more we know about where you’re applying, the better we can assist you

Evaluation Services 

Please choose a processing period:

Please Note: 2 business day rush service may be not possible in cases where translations are required. Certain institutions cannot accept any evaluation unless a verification of academic records is completed, in which case rush service may not be possible. In these cases a representative from SpanTran will contact you to discuss other options. 

Please note: If your program of study falls under one of the following areas, we will not release the evaluation until the verification process is completed. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend applying for the 2 or 5 business day turnaround time.


Emergency medical technician

Occupational therapist

Physician assistant



Occupational therapist assistant


Ayurvedic medical doctor

Licensed professional counselor




Medical doctor (all specialties)


Respiratory therapist

Clinical laboratory scientist

Medical laboratory scientist

Osteopathic physician

Speech-language pathologist

Clinical psychologist

Medical technologist


Traditional Chinese medicine doctor

Dental hygienist




Dentist (all specialties)

Naturopathic doctor


Veterinary technician

Diagnostic radiographer

Nurse (registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, enrolled nurse, nurse practitioner, etc.)

Physical therapist

X-ray technician


Academic History     

Enter your FULL academic history information and list the degrees you want to be evaluated.

Verification Services:
What is Verification?

We have to make sure your documents are authentic. There are two ways to do this. You can ask your foreign universities or institutions to mail your official documents DIRECTLY to SpanTran OR you can simply pay for our document verification service. We will then send your documents back to your previous universities for review and confirmation.

Note: SpanTran requires verification of all post-secondary credentials, regardless of country of study (some exceptions do apply, we will reach out to you if needed). 
SpanTran also requires verification of high school credentials from Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nigeria, Liberia, The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Vietnam. Secondary school credentials from most other countries do not require verification. 

Please note: SpanTran Verification is NOT a document retrieval service. If you pay for SpanTran Verification Service, you must provide a scanned copy of your academic documents.

Processing times for verification services may vary depending on your country and institution of study.
For which country do you need verification services?
  • Please add all relevant countries from your academic history
  • Please list each country only once

Translation Services:
What is a Translation?

A translation is a word-for-word representation of text or speech that has been changed from one language to another. It is not the same an an Evaluation. We require certified English translations of all foreign-language documents. 

You can either pay for our translation service or you can provide a certified translation.  

Note: If you provide a translation completed in the U.S., it must be performed by a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). If your foreign institution issues documents both in English and original language, we will accept the English translation. We can accept certified translations completed outside the United States as long as the translator is certified within the foreign country. 

ID Upload

You must upload at least one document to continue!  Please upload a scanned copy of an ID type listed below.

All applicants must provide ONE of the following government issued forms of identification: 
  • State Identification (foreign or US)
  • Passport
  • Permanent residency
  • Naturalization paper
  • Driver’s license (foreign or US)
If your current name is different than the ONE that appears on the your academic documents, you are required to upload one of the following for proof of a name change: 
  • Marriage license
  • Driver’s license (if it includes both previous and current names)
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Passport information page
  • Permanent residency card (green card)
  • Court-ordered name change

Document Upload

Please provide a scanned copy of your official academic documents.

Foreign academic documents include diplomas, certificates, transcripts, mark sheets with dates and grades, diploma supplements, and more. You may also send additional documents to SpanTran via email at a later date. Note that this can delay your processing time.

If your foreign school or institution is sending your documents directly to SpanTran, please indicate below. We still encourage you to upload a scanned copy of your documents if you have them.  Please note that SpanTran cannot retrieve documents on your behalf.


You must upload at least one document to continue! 

Be sure the copies are legible and show all 4 corners of the documents. Please scan the back of the documents if there is information printed there. 

Delivery - How do you want to receive your evaluation?

An electronic copy of your evaluation will be emailed to the address you provide at the beginning of this application. You can provide an additional email address below at no cost (admissions email address of your target university, for example).

Two hard copies of the evaluation and translation (if ordered) are included. If you need more than two copies, contact our office afterward to make arrangements. Additional hard copies beyond the first two will incur a cost of $30 per hard copy. Delivery costs are separate but you can always pick up your evaluation at any of our offices.

If you need delivery to a non-residential address, such as a college, university, institution, or business, you must select the "Priority Courier" option. This option ensures that your documents will be delivered quickly and correctly with tracking information included. PLEASE NOTE: You must select "International Courier" if you need delivery to any address outside the United States. 

One email address only

Delivery Address 

Delivery Address #2


Terms and Conditions - Please read carefully!

Acceptance of our terms and conditions:

I am age 18 or older, or I am a parent or guardian of the person whose credentials are to be evaluated and I agree that: 

1.  All payments made to SpanTran are non-refundable except for fees judged by SpanTran to be over-payments.

2. I authorize SpanTran to share my personal and academic details and documents with relevant third parties, including but not limited to universities, institutions, and employers, as deemed necessary by SpanTran. SpanTran will follow GDPR guidelines whenever relevant. 

3. My evaluation and/or translation will be based exclusively upon the documents I submit as part of my application and I certify that all information and documentation I provide to SpanTran is true and accurate. 

4. SpanTran will not issue my evaluation until I provide all necessary documentation and pay my balance in full. 

5. There will be no refund if SpanTran does not perform an evaluation because fraud is discovered with regard to the credentials to be evaluated. If fraud is found, SpanTran will advise the relevant parties listed in this application, including my academic institution, agency, or employer. SpanTran will not be liable for any damages as a result. I will pay for any legal fees or expenses resulting from any claim I make based on incorrect information I provide to SpanTran. 

6. There will be no refund for verification services except for fees judged by SpanTran to be over-payment for services not needed. Our verification process encompasses three attempts to contact the applicant’s previous institution. There will be no refund if the applicant’s previous institution does not reply to SpanTran’s verification request. In certain cases, I understand that SpanTran may issue my evaluation with "Verification Pending." 

7. Once an evaluation is issued, I have 30 days to submit in writing any questions or appeals. SpanTran reserves the right to deny my request(s). I understand that a $50 administrative fee applies if I submit an appeal beyond 30 days of receiving my evaluation.

8. SpanTran is not responsible for mail that is lost or wrongly delivered by the post office or a courier. Any documents or correspondence received by SpanTran are the property of SpanTran, regardless of the medium of delivery, including but not limited to: mailed, emailed, or faxed transcripts, certificates, and other documents pertaining to this request. SpanTran is not obligated to share such documents or correspondence.

9. If I am paying by credit or debit card, I agree for this account to be charged for the total amount of all services requested in this application. 

10. SpanTran is not responsible for lost or damaged original documents. 

11. SpanTran reserves the right to cancel my file if required. In such cases, SpanTran may issue a full refund minus a $50 processing fee. 

12. CUBA - I understand that documents from Cuba are subject to additional review by SpanTran. After review, SpanTran reserves the right to cancel my file if my documents are deemed unacceptable for evaluation. In such cases, SpanTran will issue a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.

13. SpanTran will not issue a refund if I choose to cancel my application for any reason. I understand that I have a responsibility to cooperate with SpanTran's policies, especially those concerning translation, verification, and evaluation. 

14. Processing times listed on the application are estimates. In certain cases, additional research and/or verification may be required to complete an evaluation. 

15. SpanTran reserves the right to retain all service fees including rush fees in the case that additional research or verification increases the processing time required for evaluation.

Please do not mail your documents to SpanTran unless otherwise instructed by SpanTran.

If you believe your file is complete and have not heard from us, e-mail status@spantran.com.  

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