TDS Zero Hero Sign Up

Submission Information

Please Review and Agree to all Instructions Below

Because we use this information in reports and teams are awarded cash and All-Star points, we must ensure the quality of the information collected during this activity. Please review each instruction and agree to them. If activity forms are late or incorrect, your school may be disqualified from receiving the gift card and/or All-Star points. If you have any questions, please email them to

Pre- and post-observations must be returned before the deadline to receive the gift card and TDS All-Star points. Activities (during step 2) must be reported by the school. Zero Hero activity points are automatically given once both pre- and post- are received (no activity report is required).

i.e. no signs, warnings, or speaking to drivers, passengers, or walkers.

I have watched the observation instruction video and will have the observation team also watch it.

Forms will be emailed to you with instructions based on your school type on file. For Distracted Driving and Seat Belt activity - If you are a junior high or are a high school that does not have many teen drivers, please use the junior high form for both observations. If you are a high school, please use the high school form for both observations. If you need the correct forms (i.e., you are a high school, but need junior high forms), please let your TDS representative know.

This will give us a good sampling of the habits at your location.

1) Don't guess. 2) Use the same vehicle count for both observations. 3) Use the same team and location for both observations. 4) Make sure everyone knows how to take counts.