Kol Kehilla Submission Form

Note: if you are submitting a Kehilla event (including events by committees - or co sponsored, etc),
make sure to the event is on the Kehilla website calendar before the Kol Kehilla submission deadline 
(you can add events to the Kehilla website calendar by emailing dee@kehillasynagogue.org with the info). 


The Kol Kehilla is published at the beginning of each month. 

Please note that any event scheduled at Kehilla must have a time and space reserved and approved by Dee Ward before it can be publicized in the newsletter. You can reach Dee at dee@kehillasynagogue.org. 

We do not publicize non-Kehilla events in the Kol Kehilla. 

We reserve the right to edit or omit any submission as we see fit. 
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For questions regarding this form, please contact maya@kehillasynagogue.org