Kehilla Weekly Newsletter - Submission Form

Kehilla's weekly newsletter goes out to community members each Thursday afternoon. It is a newsletter that focuses on events in and for the Kehilla community. Before you submit, please review the information below to make sure your submission meets our guidelines. Thank you!

The submission deadline for the Thursday newsletter is Wednesday at 12pm.

Is your item already listed on the Kehilla website calendarIf it already in the Kehilla calendar, you do not need to submit it below, as we build the newsletter from what's in the calendar.

Are you trying to add your Kehilla committee event to the website calendar? This form is for our newsletter ONLY. Contact directly to add your event to our calendar (please note that our calendar only features Kehilla committee or Kehilla-sponsored events).

Submission Guidelines

1. Our objective is to keep the Weekly concise. As you may have seen, the newsletter carries a lot of information about events and community activities! For this reason, your event description must be 200 characters max. If your description does not fit, please edit it further down to essentials.

2. Please include a link so people can learn more about your event. Please check to make sure the link works before you submit. If the link does not work, it may discourage participation from our readers and we will not be able to send out a correction for another 1-2 weeks.

3. We do not advertise housing, businesses or services. Workshops of clear relevance to the Kehilla community (i.e. Jewish-themed writing/music workshops, etc.) are generally acceptable.

4. Submissions will generally run for 2 weeks (i.e. two editions of the newsletter). If you need your post removed from its second run, email us. We reserve the right to edit or omit any submission as we see fit.

5. We try to include images when space allows and you are encouraged to attach one if it is readily available. We accept JPEGs or PNG files. We cannot share PDF files directly in the Weekly newsletter, though you can include a link to a PDF file that is hosted on a website or your cloud drive. You might also share a screenshot of a PDF file. Need help creating a link or screenshot of your PDF file? Email and be sure to attach the PDF file in question, with the subject line: "Kehilla Weekly: Requesting PDF Help."

Questions? Contact

Submitter's Contact
We may contact you with questions about your submission, i.e. for clarification or for content requests. The information below will NOT be shared in the newsletter, and will be used for internal purposes only.