CAP 2021 - Host Organisation Interest Form

CAP - 2017
Each year we select a group of young people with high leadership potential in their final two years of sixth form (ages 16-18) who join our Leadership Award scheme. As part of this, we ask them to do two Community Action Placements over a two year period at charities that the Foundation supports. 

The purpose of this form is for The Rank Foundation to gain as much practical information as possible from organisations that are interested in hosting Community Action Placements in 2021. 
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Please note that if you are hosting a residential placement from a family home, the hosts will need to be DBS checked. We will ask for their DBS registration number at a later date.
Please confirm that you have the following policies in place (or are due to be in place by Summer 2021). If we find a suitable placement, we will ask for the date these policies were last reviewed.