Classroom Grant Spending Plan

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During school closures, we will be disbursing checks only for the reimbursement of amounts already paid out-of-pocket OR for urgent needs due to school closures / COVID-19.  Because of the uncertainty regarding the duration of the school closures and what the rest of the year will look like, we will not be paying for future activities at this time.  Please email us at if you have any questions.

You can still complete this form to give us your overall plan for your grant spending.  Note that we may be making changes in grant plans for the remainder of this school year.  We will keep you posted.

Grant & Project Director Information

As designated on original application

Grant title as it was listed on your grant application

Enter grant number as specified on grant award email (e.g. 1-001)

Amount of the grant award. DO NOT INCLUDE $-SIGN OR COMMA.

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Spending Plan

Please indicate below what your grant will pay for—select all that apply.  This is your overall plan for spending.

Will you be paying one or more outside consultants? At least 2 weeks before payment is required (before or after services provided), complete and submit the online "Request Grant Payment to Consultant". NOTE: this section is NOT for any pay to BUSD employees.

Do not include $-sign or comma. Contact us if any party is BUSD employee.

Please contact Monica McClinton ( in BUSD for help estimating the cost of paying BUSD personnel.

Do not include $-sign or comma. Payment will be made through BUSD payroll.

Do not include $-sign or comma. Payment will be made through BUSD payroll.

Do not include $-sign or comma. Payment will be made through BUSD.

Indicate whether your grant includes any payment for BUSD Bus Transportation.

Do not include $-sign or comma.
Planned Trip(s)
Destination Approximate Date(s)
Trip 1
Trip 2
Trip 3
Trip 4

This amount should reflect total award MINUS payments to consultants and/or BUSD Transportation (if any). Do not include $-sign or comma.

NOTE: if you will be purchasing through AMAZON, please consider using "Amazon Smile" and designating Berkeley Public Schools Fund as the beneficiary. To sign up, go to

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Additional Information

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Grant Agreement
  1. I agree to undertake the above project with the monies allocated by the Berkeley Public Schools Fund and to submit a follow-up evaluation reports verifying my personal expenditures no later than the last day of school (unless I've made prior, special arrangements with the Schools Fund).
  2. I understand that the funds will be spent by the end of the CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR. Should there be a need for a project extension or need to modify the budget items, I agree to request specific approval from the Schools Fund. 
  3. If the total funds granted are not spent on my project, any unused funds will remain with the Schools Fund.
  4. I understand that the Berkeley Public Schools Fund may contact me about the progress of the project and/or to arrange a visit to my classroom to observe, photograph, or participate if applicable.
  5. I agree to publicize the Schools Fund's support of this project when appropriate, e.g. classroom bulletin board, school newsletters, program notes, stickers in books (provided by the Schools Fund), etc.
  6. I agree that any durable equipment or supplies purchased with this grant will become the property of the school if for any reason I leave.
  7. FOR RECIPIENTS OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: you are responsible for safe-guarding equipment purchased with this grant against theft.