Classroom Grant Follow Up Report

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Grant title as it was listed on your grant application

Enter grant number as specified on grant award paperwork (e.g. 1-001)

As designated on original application

Amount of the grant award

Amount of funds that were spent

If you did not use all funds, MAIL A CHECK for this amount to Berkeley Public Schools Fund if the amount remaining is $10 or greater. Amounts less than $10 need not be returned.

Describe the project, how and when it was implemented, and what grades were served.

Describe total expenditures and how grant funds were used, including describing any variations from your original budget. If your grant was partially funded, describe if/when you made up the difference. Be as specific as possible.

Purchases made through ClassWallet do not require receipts. The Schools Fund requires that you provide receipts for all expenditures. Please MAIL OR EMAIL COPIES ANY RECEIPTS that you may still have.

What was the benefit of this project to your students and your teaching? Did funds pay for something you can continue to incorporate into your teaching/classroom in the coming year(s)? How? You may send us additional pages or work samples—we encourage you to describe your outcomes in detail.

We always enjoy receiving and can sometimes use pictures and video. Digital format is preferred but not required. Please make sure none of the students shown in photos or video have opted out of District photo permissions.