Strategic Impact Follow Up Report

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Grant title as it was listed on your grant application.

If you know it, enter your grant number as specified on grant award paperwork (e.g. 1-901)

Amount of the grant awarded

Amount of funds that were spent

If you did not use all funds, MAIL A CHECK for this amount to Berkeley Public Schools Fund if the amount remaining is $10 or greater. Amounts less than $10 need not be returned.

Please explain what your goals were going into this project.

Describe the project and what was implemented.

What methods did you use to implement this project?

How did students, other teachers, coaches, etc. respond to this project? Include direct quotes if possible.

How do you plan to carry the lessons you've learned from this project into the future?

Please outline how funds were spent.

If you have not already submitted receipts to the Schools Fund, please do so when you are able.

We always enjoy receiving and can sometimes use pictures and videos; digital format is preferred but not required. Please make sure none of the students shown in photos or video have opted out of District photo permissions.