Health Assessment Questionnaire

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After entering contact and 'primary health concerns' information, please select a number for each symptom.  If the symptom does not pertain to you select 0.  If the symptom is mild select 1, if moderate select 2, if severe select 3.
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What are your primary symptoms or concerns

Category 1: Hyperacidity

Category 2: Hypochlorhydria

Category 3: Small Intestine/Pancreas

Category 4: Colon

Category 5: Gall Bladder

Category 6: Hypoglycemia

Category 7: Insulin Resistance

Category 8: Adrenal Fatigue

Category 9: Adrenal Stress

Category 10: Underactive Thyroid

Category 11: Overactive Thyroid

Category 12a: Prostate

Category 12b: Andropause

Category 13a: Menstruation

Category 13b: Menopause (Menopausal Females Only)