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Volunteer Application 

Contributing your time and energy is key to Connections for the Homeless providing housing, employment and supportive services to move individuals and families out of the shadow of homelessness. We want your volunteer experience to be as rewarding as possible. Please complete the questions below so that we can match our current needs with your interests.  Thanks!

General Information


Please fill this section out with your parent or guardian.

We are thankful for your child's service! We will hold your child accountable for their work during their service, but if you have any questions or would like to talk further about the work your child is doing, please speak with our Volunteer Program at 847-424-0945 xt.217 or oc@cfthinc.org.

By entering my contact information and initials below, I agree to the following:
  • I have read the Volunteer Ethics Form at the bottom of the Volunteer Application and understand these are the standards to which my child will be held accountable.
  • I understand that some of the activities performed by the volunteers of Connections involve risk of injury, including the inherent risks associated with the distribution and storage of food and lifting.
  • I agree on behalf of my child and any heirs, agents, executors, administrators and assigns, to release, relinquish, and forever discharge Connections from any liability for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death caused by negligence.

If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Program at 847-424-0945 xt.217 or oc@cfthinc.org.

In Case Of Emergency

List one or more people we can contact in case of an emergency.

Emergency Contact
Service Opportunities

Please check at least three items, being realistic about your available "free time". This information will be kept and when there is a need for your talent in a given area, you may be contacted. Meanwhile, we encourage you to pursue any service opportunities which appeal to you right now!

Volunteer Interests and Skills
High School
Volunteer Code of Ethics

Before submitting your application, please review our Volunteer Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Policy.  You'll be asked to consent to these before your first volunteer project with us.

Volunteer Code of Ethics

As a volunteer at Connections for the Homeless, I realize that I am subject to a code of ethics similar to that which binds the professionals in the fields in which I work. I understand that I am expected to maintain the following standards:

  • I will recognize the worth and dignity of all persons, regardless of race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, education, or social background.
  • I will demonstrate in a clear manner the professional nature of the relationship between volunteers and program participants.
  • I agree to not socialize with program participants outside the work setting. I will not give any program participant special privileges.
  • I will not use program participants to meet my own needs. This shall include but is not limited to: needs for companionship, services, money or sexual gratification.
  • By law, I am mandated to protect the confidentiality of program participants. I will not disclose information regarding program participants, including: names, case information, or other personal information.
  • When assisting with administrative or fundraising projects, I will respect and protect the confidentiality of staff, donors, and other volunteers.

In return, Connections for the Homeless agrees to abide by a code of ethics dealing with volunteers. This shall include:

  • Respect for volunteer confidentiality.
  • Ensuring that all necessary precautions and steps are taken to create a safe and secure work environment.
  • Respect and consideration for all suggestions and feedback given to help improve the services and facilities of Connections for the Homeless.

I understand and agree to uphold the standards of the Volunteer Code of Ethics. I am aware that any violation of this Code may result in immediate dismissal.


Other Education