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The IMPACT Programme 2020 rewards Changemakers with innovative solutions within the fields of Climate Change and Circularity. The 10 selected teams will benefit from professional training and personalised support to structure their development model and ensure their sustainability through the construction of a business plan with a social purpose. After this period of training and support, four awards will be provided to four projects to further develop their social and environmental solution.


From March to June 2020, two two-day seminars and one one-day seminar will allow the participants to develop a "business plan with a social purpose" based on the Ashoka publication: "The  seven  key questions  you  should  ask  yourself  as a social entrepreneur".

The IMPACT Programme is open to all organisations active for more than a year and whose headquarters are located in Belgium or who spread an impactful approach from another country to Belgium. For selected organisations, training will take place in Brussels. 


The aim of this questionnaire is to better understand the social and innovative solution, its activity and impact, challenges, strategy and needs of the participating organisations. For all organisations to be assessed equally, we ask you to respond to all questions. Otherwise, your application cannot be considered to be selected.


Please note: The Impact Programme involves sharing your organisational plan with Ashoka, Accenture, ABN AMRO and other programme participants to develop your organisational structure and increase social impact. Ashoka, Accenture ABN AMRO representatives and professionals in the sector of classical entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship will review the information you submit below to determine whether you will be chosen for the programme.


Organisations can register from January 8 to February 10, 2020.

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Submits the application as part of the Impact Programme 2020
Without prejudice to the provisions of the regulations, acknowledges and agrees that:  

  • The decisions over the selection of candidates are taken by the Jury composed of Ashoka, ABN AMRO and Accenture representatives and of professionals in the sector of classical entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The decision of the Jury is final and binding permanently to all candidates.  
  • Any records and material provided by the organisation during its candidacy will not be returned. Ashoka reserves the right to retain or destroy them, without the organisation’s opposition.  
  • Ashoka will be allowed to save, transfer, and otherwise handle all personal data which has been transmitted by the organisation to Ashoka during their registration or subsequently during the IMPACT Programme, as described in the Regulations. 

Without prejudice to the provisions of the regulations, in case of award or a prize, agrees to:  

  • Participate in all phases of the training process. Otherwise, the organisation will be immediately removed.  

  • Monitor the development of the project and support other organisations that wish to develop.  

  • Allow Ashoka, without payment or condition of any kind, to (i) report the results of the IMPACT Programme to third parties, including the media and / or sponsors,; (ii) disclose contact information to the media;, (iii) use, publish and disseminate, for the purposes of the IMPACT Programme, his / her distinctive (s) sign (s) and the characteristic elements of its project on any medium or by any process whatsoever; and (iv) use, publish and disseminate the description of its activity and its development model and / or in the work to mobilize resources on the best practices that will be realized after the end of the IMPACT Programme;  

  • Ensure that all those involved in the organisation are properly informed of the terms and conditions of the Regulations and this Declaration, and accept without any restriction or condition.  


Confirms that all the information required in support of his application is complete and truthful.  

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