Flatbush Farm Share Winter 2016 Sign Up Form

Winter Share Prices and Info

11/1/16 Update:  signups for our 2016 Winter season are now closed. If you’d like to get on our waitlist, please email membership@flatbushfarmshare.com . Please DO NOT fill out the form below unless a CSA volunteer  has asked  you to.

Welcome to the Flatbush Farm Share 2016-2017 Winter CSA! Please read all the important information below carefully before signing up for your share. We look forward to having you join us!

Winter share contents: Our main partner farm is The Farm At Miller's Crossing.  Two sizes of shares are offered: a double share and a single share. The DOUBLE vegetable share generally includes 6-10 lbs. of storage vegetables and up to 1-3 packages of frozen vegetables, with salad and cooking greens as weather allows.  The SINGLE share generally includse 4-6 pounds of storage and frozen vegetables, though will not include all of the frozen vegetables that the double share receives. Due to weather and availability, the farm cannot always provide the same vegetables for single and double shares at such large quantities. The storage vegetables will be lightly washed and free of excessive mud and dirt. The frozen vegetables have been frozen by Farm to Table. 

Sample Share from last year:

Single share

Double Share

·         1 head broccoli

·         1 pack frozen tomato puree

·         1 lb sweet potatoes

·         1 leek

·         1 celeriac

·         .5 lbs mixed salad greens

·         2 lbs carrots

·         .5 lbs mixed braising greens

·         1 pack frozen chopped peppers

·         2 heads broccoli

·         2 packs frozen tomato puree

·         2 lbs sweet potatoes

·         2 leeks

·         2 celeriacs

·         1 lb mixed salad greens

·         4 lbs carrots

·         1 lb mixed braising greens

·         2 packs frozen chopped peppers

Extra shares: We also offer shares of eggs and honey at every distribution. Signups for those are below. 

Our partner Lewis Waite Farms also offers numerous products (bread, beans, grains, meat, poultry, dairy products, etc). These items will be available a la carte from Lewis Waite directly. More info will be emailed once the season starts.

Beef and maple products are available through our partner vegetable farm. More info will be emailed once the season starts. 

Volunteering: We are entirely run on volunteer labor.  Our core volunteers write our newsletter, communicate with our farmers, organize our special events, plan for the future of the CSA, and much more!  Please let us know below if you'd like to be involved.  In addition, everyone who signs up for a winter share membership must commit to a 2 hour volunteer shift at CSA distribution or in some other form. Failure to volunteer will make you ineligible for future CSA membership!

Pickup dates and location: Our pickups occur on Saturday mornings at the small grey house on the property of the Flatbush Reformed Church (intersection of Church ave and Flatbush ave in Brooklyn).  There are six pickup dates for the winter share: November 5th, November 19th, December 3rd, December 17th,  January 7th and January 21st. We will email members final information on the pickup time slots  before the start of the season, but anticipate pickups will run for an hour and a half sometime between 10am and 12 noon. 

About our sliding scale:   Our mission is to make fresh, organic food more accessible to those of all income levels in the Flatbush community.  We offer five levels of pricing for our main vegetable share.  These prices are based on member income levels and household size. 

Use the information below to determine your level  Please understand that if you sign up for Level 1 or 2, you are taking a very exclusive spot: Our funding only allows us to support a limited number of members at these spots. If you have the resources, please pick Level 3 or above!  

One Person


Two people

Annual Income



Annual Income



Under $21,000

Level 1


Under 24,706

Level 1

$21,000- $35,000

 Level 2


$24,706 - $41,176

 Level 2 

$35,000 - $50,000

 Level 3


  $41,176 - $58,824

 Level 3 

   $50,000 - $70,000

Level 4


   $58,824- $82,353

Level 4

Over $70,000

Level 5

Over $82,353

Level 5



Three people


Four or more people

Annual Income



Annual Income



Under $30,000

Level 1


Under $38,182

Level 1

$30,000- $58,824

 Level 2


$38,182- $63,636

 Level 2 

 $58,824 - $71,429

 Level 3


  $63,636 - $90,909

 Level 3 

$71,429 - $100,000

Level 4


$90,909 - $127,273

Level 4

Over $100,000

Level 5

Over $127,273

Level 5



Share prices: The form below will calculate your total cost, but below are the prices for single and double shares of vegetables and extra shares.

For vegetables



Single share

Double share
















Optional shares delivered every pickup: Eggs and honey


6 eggs at each distribution

12 eggs at each distribution

18 eggs at each distribution

24 eggs at each distribution

All levels






Per jar

All levels


Payment info: If you are a level 3, 4, or 5, all payments for all shares must be received by October 28th.  

For levels 1 and 2, you can prepay your share, pay for your share weekly with EBT, or pay for your share weekly with cash or check. For weekly payers (either cash or EBT), we will give you a receipt of your payment every week. It is your responsibility to hold on to all receipts. 

  To prepay: all payments for all shares must be received by October 28th. 


 To pay weekly with EBT: veggies and all extra shares can be paid for with EBT. We do ask that you send us a $10 deposit by October 28th to reserve your spot in the CSA. If this deposit is a financial hardship, please let us know. 


 To pay weekly with cash or check: Vegetables, honey (up to 2 jars) and eggs (up to 24) may be paid weekly at distribution.  Please send us a $25 deposit by October 28th to reserve your spot in the CSA. If you order more than 24 eggs or more than 2 jars of honey, the additional cost must be added to your deposit and paid by October 28th.


 The weekly payments work like an interest-free loan - the CSA prepays the entire cost of your share to our farmers, and you pay the CSA back over the season. Therefore, you are responsible for paying back the entire cost of your share - so even if you miss a week of pickup, you are still responsible for paying that week's cost. We ask that all weekly balances be paid off by the 5th distribution. 

Cancellation and refund policies: If you  cancel your share after the season starts (October 28th or later), you are responsible for finding a buyer, re-selling your share, and collecting any money from the new buyer. Because your money will have already gone to the farmers, the CSA cannot give you a refund. 


 If you cancel your share before the season starts (before October 28th), we will refund your money and give your spot to someone on our waitlist. There will be a $25 admin fee for refunding and cancellation.

Outstanding balances:  If you are a Summer 2016 CSA member with an outstanding balance, you must contact us at info@flatbushfarmshare.com to arrange for  payment of your existing balance before signing up for the Winter share. 

 How to pay: You can make a payment using your bank's version of person-to-person payments (PopMoney for Citibank and TD bank, QuickPay for Chase) or send us a check or money order. Current summer members can also bring cash or a check to our pickups on Wednesday October 12th, October 19th, or October 26th - please let the membership desk know that this payment is for your winter membership.    IMPORTANT: If the name on your payment does not match the name on your signup form, you must let us know (by either emailing or including a note with your payment) so we are able to match the payment to the account in our records.



Questions? Please contact us at membership@flatbushfarmshare.com, and remember that whoever is answering your email is a volunteer too!


Pricing Level

Your Info

 Please add any additional email addresses here - for example, other family members who may pick up your share and should be added to our general email list.

Level 5 Vegetable Share

Level 4 Vegetable Share

Level 3 Vegetable Share

Level 2 Vegetable Share

Level 1 Vegetable Share

Eggs  (for all levels)

Honey costs $8.50 per jar. If you would like honey, please write in how many jars you would like at each delivery. For example, if you want 1 jar of honey at the first week and 1 jar at the last week, enter "1" in the box for November 5and "1" in the box for January 21.
inal payment and member agreement 

If you are able to make a donation, please enter the amount in the box above WITHOUT a dollar sign. For example, if you want to donate $25, write 25.

Weekly payment details

Membership Agreement

By checking the box below, you agree that you have read and agree with the following:

I pledge to:
Select the price-level that most accurately reflects all my sources of income
Pay in full before the start of the season or pay weekly installments at each distribution as determined by level and payment method I have selected. 
Complete 2 hours of volunteer work , either at distribution or another area of need.  Note: failure to complete a volunteer shift will make you ineligible for future CSA membership!
Accept the risks involved in farming faced by all our farmers

I understand that:
Distribution occurs  on November 5, November 19, December 3, December 17,  January 7 and January 21.
If I have an outstanding balance from Summer 2016, I must arrange payment before my Winter membership is finalized.
I am responsible for remembering the date and time of distribution.
If I don't pick up my share in the allotted time, it will be donated to a local food pantry or sold
If I  cancel my membership on or after October 28th, I am responsible for finding a buyer and obtaining any payment. I understand the CSA cannot give me a refund.
If I cancel my  membership before October 28th, I will receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. 

In addition to the above, I understand that:
I must pay in full for any pick up I miss
I must submit payment on the day of distribution to pick up my share
If I miss a pick up, I will immediately write to Membership@flatbushfarmshare.com to explain whether or not I plan to continue with the share; if I do not do so, I understand my membership will be cancelled without refund and the balance of my share will be sold 
I am responsible for holding on to all receipts from my weekly payments. If there is a discrepancy between what I think I've paid and what the CSA records say I've paid, I am responsible for producing these receipts to correct the record.

CSA members join with their farmer in both the risks of farming (crop failure, poor weather, etc.) and its benefits (a bountiful harvest season). I understand that my share will vary from week to week, generally consisting of 5‐10 lbs. of different seasonal and frozen vegetables and that there is no guarantee on the exact amount or contents of my share. The shares will vary in weight and size depending on the time of the season. 

By participating in this CSA, I am bringing healthy, locally grown food to the neighborhood, supporting sustainable agriculture, building community, and making the world a better place... Sign me up!