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The Scene FAQ

How can I exchange seats? 
Call Group Tickets at 612-373-5665 and reference your “Scene” membership. Your tickets can be exchanged for available seats in a similar section. 

I’d like to invite a friend for a specific show, what’s the best way? 
Great news! Contact HTT Education Office at and let us know to which show you’d like to invite your friend. We will work to arrange that person next to your seat for show night. Single Scene ticket purchases are $50/person. 

How long does my membership last? 
September 2017 - July 2018

Is any of my membership tax deductible? 
$25 per Individual 2-Show membership is tax deductible 
$45 per Dual 2-Show membership is tax deductible
$12 per Individual 1-Show membership is tax deductible 
$22 per Dual 1-Show membership is tax deductible

How is this different than the Scene before? 
The Scene has enhanced its programming with a curated season of three shows plus engagement opportunities. No longer is it just enjoying the show – the program is now built to offer connections with other theatre lovers and the casts of Broadway on Hennepin shows. 

How can I be sure I sit next to other Scene members I know? 
Request your preference in the registration form and we’ll make every accommodation possible. 

Other questions?
Contact Ari Koehnen Sweeney at

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