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What Type of Project?

Community Partner Gardens

The Community Partner Garden program assists community groups, faith-based organizations, neighborhood associations, and other non-profits with starting and maintaining successful vegetable gardens. Community Partner Gardens typically fall into one of the following categories: Rental Plot gardens, Donation Gardens, or Groups that grow for the group.  


Youth Gardens

Youth Gardens are like community partner gardens however their primary focus centers on working with youth. Our youth garden program assists youth gardens that are not affiliated with a school or preschool. If you are affiliated with a school or preschool you will be connected with our schoolyard garden program.


Schoolyard Gardens

The Schoolyard Gardens program works with schools metro-wide to establish vegetable gardens on school grounds.  KCCG staff support school staff and students so that they can have successful gardens, exposing students to the wonders of growing their own fruits and vegetables.  Through the gardening process, we help children learn about nutrition and with the hopes that they will develop healthy eating habits.


Giving Groves (Fruit Orchards)

The Giving Grove, an affiliate of KCCG, is an organization with the mission of helping the KC metropolitan and surrounding communities grow, harvest, and share healthy food by providing the resources needed to plant edible tree gardens at schools, churches, and other vacant land.  Our mission is to provide continuous fresh food access to those in need by donating produce from the tree gardens back to the neighborhoods or food pantries.


Farm (Business)

If your organization is primarily focused on growing for market sales.

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When would you like a site visit?
Please give us three dates that work best for you and your gardeners, to have us come out to your garden. The best times for us are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm. (Click inside the date boxes below to bring up a calendar for easy date selection) We will contact you to confirm and schedule the site visit. 

Why are you requesting a site visit?

Please give us a quick summary of the reasons you are requesting a site visit. Let us know if there is anything in particular that we can bring or prepare for. If you are a new garden, just give us some basic details about your project below. 
* Please note: we do not have current funding for KC Grow Water Access projects. We are still available to do a site visit to help talk through your water access options in the meantime.