GMA Canada Week Saturday Boot-camps Registration

 We are offering two standalone bootcamps on Saturday, October 24th. 

The First  is a half-day Workshop with Scott Williamson.

 Worship bands, as well as performance rock bands are welcome to attend, and will come away with a greater understanding of rehearsal time use, finding your sound, and how to really create a cohesive tight band.

Join award winning music producer Scott Williamson as he teaches about what it takes to make a band work well together, have productive rehearsals and how to get the best sound out of your band.  Some of the topics addressed in this workshop include use of rehearsal time, finding your sounds as a band, and creating that cohesive band sound.

Scott Williamson
A professional musician since he was 17, Scott Williamson is known in  
the Nashville music industry for his excellence in drumming  
performance and also as a producer. As a recording drummer  
for artists such as D.C. Talk, Blake Shelton, Nate Sallie, Natalie Grant, Brooks &  
Dunn, Blue Country, Caroline Dawn Johnson, Michael W. Smith, Nicole  
Nordeman and Avalon, Scott's studio performances showcase his quality  
workmanship and his ability to adapt to various styles and artists.  
Scott's excellence in musicianship brings a cohesive foundation to  
recording sessions. As a producer in the Contemporary Christian industry, 
Scott brought Point of Grace and FFH to the forefront in the early days of their careers.  Scott has also produced projects for Lincoln Brewster, BDA, Michael O'Brien, Alvin Slaughter and many Independent artists. With a standard of excellence set both for himself and for his artists, Scott sets a high-level industry standard of musical  and integrity excellence.

The Second is a full-day Workshop with Tim Carson.

The Vocal Artistry Workshop is a  training experience divided into four sessions -FreedomStrengthExpression, and Style

Freedom: Discovering Vocal Freedom

FreedomEvery singer should know the confidence that comes from vocal strength and control, in order to experience the thrill of connecting their heart to their songs and discovering the freedom of true vocal expression. This session will help you to identify the areas of vocal tension that are limiting your vocal range, strength and flexibility and will provide practical exercises that will help you to move beyond the barriers holding back your vocal potential.

Strength: Increasing Vocal Range

RangeDo you feel like your upper range has a ceiling? Are there parts of your range that frustrate you because you just can't get your voice to do what you want it to? And what do you do with the break? This session will simplify the complexity of developing the fullness of your vocal range and provide you with practical exercises for ongoing development.

Expression: Stage Presence and Communication

Stage Presence and CommuincationConnecting the Heart to Physical Expression. Effective singing for ministry requires that our communication is both authentic and compelling. This session will walk you through the process of "unpacking" the content of a songs lyrics, identifying areas of your "story" that intersect with the message of a song and then authentically expressing your response through the song. We will also highlight some common mistakes that get in the way of authentic expression.

Style: The Art of Vocal Style

StyleA Singer has countless ways in which they can "color" a song with nuance and stylistic interpretation. This session breaks down some of the mysteries of current Vocal Styles and provides you with practical tools that will allow you to express your songs with relevance and authenticity.




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