Email: Request a new SCLS email account

This form should be used by SCLS member library staff to request a new SCLS Internet email account.  If you need any assistance filling out this form, please call the SCLS Automation office.

If you choose "Expedite my request" your request will be processed as soon as possible and the setup sheet faxed to your library.  Otherwise all email requests will collected and processed once a week and the setup sheet sent in Delivery.  If you do not receive a setup sheet, please call the Automation office to inquire about the status of your application. 

SpamAssassin willl automatically be set up for all email accounts.  If, for some reason, you do not wish SpamAssassin set up for your email account, please indicate that on the form.  A link to the directions for setting up the email filter on your email client will be included on the setup sheet.

You can also use the three letter agency code for your library instead of the full name.
First initial and last name are commonly used for the address.

Enter the full name of the primary user. If this is for a personal account, this is the name that will appear on the email diretory.

If you choose Yes, the account will be set up as soon as possible and the account setup sheet will be faxed to your library instead of going in delivery.
If you chose "Expedite my request", please enter your library's fax number. If you do not enter the fax number, your request will be sent in Delivery instead.


Please enter the characters you see in this picture:


This helps prevent automated form submissions. If you are not sure what the characters are, make your best guess. You will have another try in the next screen.
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